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BreakingPoint Storm Network Security and Performance Testing

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Global visibility into emerging cyber threats and actionable insight to harden and maintain resilient defenses

The compact 3-slot BreakingPoint Storm™ creates real-world, high-stress conditions and user behavior to provide organizations with the insight to battle-test IT infrastructures, train cyber warriors, tune systems and policies, and transform security processes to be proactive and effective. The BreakingPoint Storm is essential for:

•Tuning systems and policies

•Evaluating network security devices

•Optimizing data centers and applications

•Hardening IT infrastructure

The BreakingPoint Storm:

Create 30 million simultaneous wired and wireless users at live network speeds of up to 40 gigabits per second from a single 3-slot chassis

Simulates hundreds of stateful applications and provides the ultimate application control necessary to stress deep packet inspection (DPI) devices. The BreakingPoint Storm is capable of creating 160+ applications, including AOL IM®, BGP, BlackBerry® Services, Encrypted BitTorrent™, FIX/FIXT, Google® Gmail, HTTP, HTTPS, IBM DB2®, MAPI, Microsoft® CIFS/SMB, MSN Nexus, Oracle®, PP Live, QQ IM, RADIUS, RIP, SIP, Skype, SMTP, VMware® VMotion™, Windows Live Messenger, World of Warcraft®, Yahoo!® Mail and Messenger, and more

Deploy 34,000+ live security attacks, including malware, mobile malware, DDoS, evasions, and more

Remains always current with the BreakingPoint Application and Threat Intelligence subscription service that provides, automatically, the very latest attacks and applications

The BreakingPoint Storm's all-in-one platform provides hundreds of features, including:

•Comprehensive testing and simulation platform

•Real-world application traffic

•Live security attacks

•Port density and expandability

•And more