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BreakingPoint FireStorm Network Security and Performance Testing

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Massive-scale, easy-to-use and high-fidelity simulations to battle-test today's high-volume, dynamic, converged networks and data center infrastructures

The compact 3-slot BreakingPoint FireStorm creates real-world, high-stress conditions and user behavior to provide organizations the insight to battle-test IT infrastructures, train cyber warriors, tune systems and policies, and transform security processes to be proactive and effective.

The BreakingPoint FireStorm is the essential solution for:

•Evaluating next-generation security devices

•Hardening 3G/4G/LTE mobile networks

•Deploying compact cyber ranges and training cyber warriors

•Optimizing virtualized data centers

•Mitigating IT risk

The BreakingPoint FireStorm:

Creates 90 million simultaneous wired and wireless users at live network speeds of up to 120 Gigabits per second from a single three-slot chassis

Simulates hundreds of stateful applications and provides the ultimate application control necessary to stress deep packet inspection (DPI) devices. The BreakingPoint FireStorm is capable of creating 160+ applications, including:

AOL IM®, BGP, BlackBerry® Services, Encrypted BitTorrent™, FIX/FIXT, Google® Gmail, HTTP, HTTPS, IBM DB2®, MAPI, Microsoft® CIFS/SMB, MSN Nexus, Oracle®, PP Live,QQ IM, RADIUS, RIP, SIP, Skype, SMTP, VMware® VMotion™, Windows Live Messenger, World of Warcraft®, Yahoo!® Mail and Messenger, and more

Provides 34,000+ live security attacks including, malware, mobile malware, DDoS, evasions, and more

Performs client-side SSL Bulk Encryption at 25 Gbps with any cipher

Measures network latency down to 10-nanosecond resolution

Remains current with the BreakingPoint Application and Threat Intelligence subscription service that provides, automatically, the very latest attacks and applications

FireStorm Features

Comprehensive Platform

Real-World App Traffic

Live Security Attacks

City-Scale Mobility Testing

Massive-Scale Performance

Intuitive User Interface

Built-In Test Labs

Application and Threat Intelligence Service

Resiliency Score

Protocol Fuzzing

DDoS Attacks

Reporting and Statistics