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Create and control global threat and application intelligence at Internet-scale, to transform technologies, people, and processes

Cyber attackers are constantly evolving their mode of assault as they target sensitive data, financial assets, and operations. At the same time networks are under the strain of ever growing dynamic applications and user behavior. The traditional approach of simply reacting to attacks and traffic evolution is costing organizations and governments billions. The only way to stay one step ahead is to predict the impact before it happens. Only BreakingPoint Actionable Security Intelligence (ASI) provides global visibility into emerging threats and applications, along with insight into the resiliency of your IT infrastructure under operationally relevant conditions and malicious attack.

Protecting You From Emerging Threats

BreakingPoint ASI protects enterprises, service providers, and government agencies worldwide by providing global visibility into emerging threats, and actionable insight to harden and maintain resilient defenses. With the exclusive ability to create and control global threat and application intelligence at Internet-scale, BreakingPoint delivers the only platforms capable of battle-testing IT infrastructures, training cyber warriors, tuning systems and policies, and transforming security processes to be proactive and effective. BreakingPoint's easy-to-use and comprehensive Actionable Security Intelligence offering includes:

•Create — Application and Threat Intelligence

•Control — Simulation and Testing Platforms

•Transform — People, Process, and Technology

The company's patented high-performance platforms are kept current via an exclusive intelligence subscription service that regularly pushes newly discovered attacks, malware, and other intelligence aggregated from proprietary research, strategic customer relationships, and carrier feeds. By delivering these exclusive capabilities, BreakingPoint bridges the gap between IT testing, monitoring, and operations to deliver advance insight and protect highly dynamic converged and mobile networks, virtualized data centers, and applications.