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BreakingPoint FireStorm One

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Portable and ultra-compact massive-scale performance and security testing solution

Harnessing BreakingPoint’s patented network processor-driven platform, the BreakingPoint FireStorm ONE™ is a portable and ultra-compact massive-scale performance and security testing solution. This unique combination of portability and performance allows any organization to perform massive-scale performance and security testing anywhere at any time, using the exact application, attack and load behavior needed to optimize and harden any IT infrastructure.

The FireStorm ONE is the only solution to meet the performance and portability needs of equipment vendors, enterprises, and government and military organizations:

Equipment vendors use the FireStorm ONE to:

Establish scalable and transportable proof-of-concept labs for customer evaluations using their unique traffic scenarios

Reduce time-to-test to minimize costs and accelerate development of network and data center devices

Optimize and harden mobility network equipment to deliver next-generation devices

Enterprises use the FireStorm ONE to:

Evaluate network equipment to choose the right device for their unique networks.

Right-size data centers and virtualized infrastructures for peak performance and capacity use.

Continuously validate performance and security to avoid IT risk as their networks change.

Government and military organizations use the FireStorm ONE to:

Train and certify cyber warriors to predict and prevent attack

Perform on-the-go cyber security research and simulations to keep ahead of the latest threats

Deploy global compact cyber ranges in order to harden critical communication infrastructures

The FireStorm ONE can create:

•40 Gbps of blended stateful application traffic and live attacks

•30 million concurrent TCP sessions

•1 million TCP sessions per second

•8 Gbps of SSL encryption with any cipher

•12 million concurrent GTP tunnels and 8,000 eNodeBs

•And scale to unlimited performance needs