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Multi-Protocol Analyzer



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Platforms and Configurations

Investigator Multi-Protocol Analyzers are available in several platforms ranging from highly portable notebooks to high port count rack mounts.

Absolute Analysis Investigator™ has been designed from the ground up to be a multi-speed, multi-protocol, multi-function test platform. Investigator™ is used in the development, qualification, manufacturing and support of equipment with external or embedded communications interfaces. These communications interfaces can be based on industry standards or Investigator™ can also be customized to support non-standard interfaces and protocols.

Partial List of the Protocol Analyzer Features and Benefits

  1. -Real time display of statistical data in customizable tabular and chart formats

  2. -Time correlated analysis on up to 32 simultaneous ports of any supported protocol

  3. -1GB Trace Memory per port

  4. -External triggering input and output

  5. -Simple intuitive GUI — capture and display data in just two mouse clicks

  6. -Concurrent 100% true line rate traffic generation and capture assures no data loss

  7. -Share, filter and study trace files using standalone viewer software (freely distributable)

  8. -Capture only key events using multi-level, multi-channel triggers and filters

Complete Ethernet Protocol Analysis

Investigator Protocol Analyzers capture and display 100% of link data, even at  full line rates. Views of  primitives, as well as frame delimiters, frame header, and payload data are also provided. 

The Protocol Database Editor allows the user to define additional decoding of protocols to further enhance the existing functions. Deep, bit‐level triggering and pre‐ and post‐filtering capabilities ensure that relevant data can be extracted from  multi‐gigabit data streams.

Investigator™ Multi-Protocol Analyzer supports Ethernet, iSCSI, IP, FCoE, Fibre Channel, SAS, SATA, Serial RapidIO, OBSAI, CPRI, sFPDP Protocols.