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Integris is a highly integrated test platform designed to measure the performance and reliability of mobile access networks during all phases of a mobile network life cycle.  It provides the entire design and field test teams the functionality and flexibility to test today’s demanding LTE networks.

The Integris platform is ideal for testing access networks that use DWDM or CWDM as their transport, as these types of networks require monitoring and testing of multiple points in the network to ensure performance will meet specifications.  Gigabit Ethernet, CPRI, and OBSAI  protocols are supported.

Test Applications:

Tests performance of radio head to base station communications for both fibre and copper networks, including BER, latency, and failover

Evaluate interoperability between multiple devices in your mobile access network

Perform service disruption testing to increase confidence in network error recovery and redundant circuit performance

Find connectivity faults and identify network impairments

Characterize RRH to BBU communications for reliability, performance, and interoperability

Key Features

Increase reliability of your network by measuring real time performance for Bit Error Rate (BER), Latency, and Failover/Recovery switch time.

Test Gigabit Ethernet, CPRI, OBSAI on DWDM or CWDM or uncolored optics all with the same hardware test platform.

Full support for testing Layer 1 (physical layer) up to Layer 4 (transport layer).

Portable and compact chassis for laboratory or field testing

Form factors for both laboratory and field testing environments.

Included in its functionality are tests to measure bit error rate, round trip or point-to-point latency, and failover/redundancy delay.  The power of Integris lies not only in being able to make these measurements, but also in providing data to be able to pinpoint impairments or malfunctioning network devices quickly, saving you significant time and money. 

Meeting the LTE and LTE Advanced Challenge

Network operators must meet the bandwidth requirements of today’s LTE and 4G networks by having proper test plans to ensure reliability, performance, and quality of service.  Integris provides the test functionality to meet these requirements.

Confidence in Network Performance: Integris is a tool designed to completely cover as many scenarios as possible.  Thorough testing instills confidence in network performance.  Integris does this by not only testing for compliance, but also including different stress testing capabilities.

Meeting Time to Market Demands: Test and debug can often use up to 50% of a product development cycle.  Integris helps reduce this time by providing the ability to locate misbehaving devices in the network quickly, and then debugging these devices at a deep packet inspection level.  No other tool can provide this information quickly.

Reduce Testing Costs:  Mobile networks are complex, often containing multiple media types and multiple technologies.  The multi-function, multi-technology Integris is designed so test engineers will not have to purchase several pieces of test equipment to validate their mobile network performance.  

Where to Use Integris

Integris is a perfect fit for both laboratory testing and field testing, at each stage of the network lifecycle.

Research & Development:  Quickly evaluate different network topologies, configurations, and vendors without needing to spend money on multiple pieces of equipment.  Integris provides all you need for performance testing in one box.

Equipment Benchmarking:  Understand which devices will meet your network specifications by being able to characterize each device individually.

Interoperability Testing:  Know exactly which devices are not interoperating with your network.  Stress each device individually to check for proper error recovery.

Pre-Deployment Testing:  Test the full end-to-end performance of the network while still in the lab.  Find network impairments and interoperability issues quickly.

Field Testing:  Use our portable field module to quickly test for connectivity and performance.  Capture link traces to send back to the lab for further analysis.

Obtain the Performance Data you Need

The Integris GUI below exhibits the complete picture for testing your network.  Up to 24 ports are available, depending upon configuration. 

Mobile networks are complex, often containing multiple media types and multiple technologies.  The multi-function, multi-technology Integris is designed so test engineers will not have to purchase several pieces of test equipment to validate their mobile network performance. 

Sample Application:  RRH to BBU Performance Testing

A variety of media kits available

There are a variety of media kits available depending upon the connection requirements of the device under test. We support the most common connection methods for mobile access network testing, including:

SFP and SFP+ transcievers with various optical and copper interfaces supported.

Please contact us or your sales rep to discuss your specific connector and cabling need.