New Integris Tester Accurately Measures the Performance of RRH to BBU Networks that Use CPRI, OBSAI, and Ethernet

Newbury Park, CA, February 15, 2012 – Absolute Analysis today announced the introduction of the Integris Performance Tester, an innovative modular tester that is capable of characterizing performance for mobile access networks.  Designed for simplicity, portability, and accuracy, Integris is the world’s first platform that utilizes a single tool to identify impairments, characterize performance, and validate interoperability.  Engineers and technicians are now able to quickly gather the data necessary, to pinpoint faulty devices or cables. Integris can be used easily in both laboratory and field applications.

As service providers worldwide continue upgrading their networks to 4G/LTE to support the exponential growth of mobile broadband services, the network connections from the radio heads to the base stations are increasing in complexity.   Future trends towards “cloud” based digital processing base stations will continue to put pressure on the access network to provide the necessary performance required to meet specification. 

Integris solves the problem of the need to accurately measure the true performance of these complex networks.  Built from the ground up for simplicity, portability and accuracy, Integris identifies impairments, characterize performance, and validates interoperability all with a single portable tester.     Parameters such as latency (point to point or round trip), link failover/recover time, and bit error rates (BER) all can be monitored and recorded from a single software interface. 

“The trend towards ‘cloud’ based digital processing of radio signals is being pushed by Ericsson, Alcatel and Nokia.  This has forced service providers to implement complex fiber topologies in their access networks, which makes characterization and identification of problems more difficult.” says Manoj Samanta, VP of Engineering at Absolute Analysis.  “Integris is able to connect to a network at multiple points, allowing it to not only characterize performance properly, but also pinpoint problems such as impairments instantly.”

Integris reduces capital expenditure by integrating in a single test platform the same capabilities that normally require multiple test tools. Ethernet, CPRI, and OBSAI are all supported.  In addition, tests can be completed significantly faster using multiple ports, which boosts field productivity and reduces operating expenses.

About Absolute Analysis
Absolute Analysis develops test equipment that performs complete high speed serial bus verification and validation across standard protocols, custom or proprietary protocols, and mixed protocol environments.  Protocol support includes Serial RapidIO, PCI Express, CPRI, OBSAI, Fibre Channel, Ethernet up to 10 Gbps, and many others.  Their product lines allow engineers to perform a variety of protocol level tests, including protocol analysis, traffic generation, BER testing, error injection, and impairment testing.  All verification is accomplished via a single piece of hardware, and a single user interface, saving customers both time and money.

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