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Net Optics 10/100/1000 iBypass Switch with Heartbeat

Operating Specifications:
Operating Temperature: 0ºC to 55ºC
Storage Temperature: -10ºC to 70ºC
Relative Humidity: 10% min, 95% max, non-condensing

Mechanical Specifications:

Input Power: 100-240V, 0.5A, 47-63Hz
Output Power: 12V, 3A
Dimensions: 1.3125" high x 12" deep x 8.75" wide

Cable Interface:

Copper Cable Type: 22-24 AWG unshielded twisted pair cable, CAT5/CAT5E
Link Distance Supported: 100 meters

Command Line Interface: Any terminal emulation software
Net Optics Web Manager: Any browser
Net Optics System Manager: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP

(2) RJ45, 8 pin connectors (monitoring ports)
(2) RJ45, 8 pin connectors (network ports)

Fully RoHS compliant

Part Number:


Passive, Secure Technology


Fail-safe monitoring with any 10/100/1000 in-line appliance

Increased reliability on critical network links

High-speed Fast PathTM switching with minimal traffic interruption

Customizable behavior via command line interface

Link Fault Detect prevents undetected link failures

IEEE 802.3 compliant

Fully RoHS compliant



All Net Optics products come standard with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty

Optional 1 or 2 year extended warranty available at time of product purchase


Ease of Use

LED indicators show power, speed, link, and activity status

Front-mounted connectors support easy installation and operation

Cables included for plug-and-play deployment

Silk-screened application diagram illustrates all connections for easy deployment

Optional 19-inch rack frames holds two units

Tested and compatible with all major manufacturers intrusion detection and prevention systems

Part Numbers

10/100/1000 iBypass
Switch with Heartbeat

iBypass, Heartbeat, Copper, 10/100/1G    

- RK-iTP2
Rack Panel Frame, 2-Slot 19"

indigo™ Software Management Suite

System Manager

System Manager turns any Windows workstation into an SNMP-compatible management console to monitor and reconfigure all the iTap-enabled devices on your network.

System Manager is a centralized management console that provides access to all of your Net Optics iTap‑enabled devices from anywhere within your organization. With System Manger, you can configure devices or check their status instantly, without the time

and expense of traveling to the device’s physical location.

Flexible Deployment
System Manager can operate over a dedicated managem ent VLAN for maximum security. It operates equally well over the network or Internet, providing remote management from anywhere on the corporate network or in the world.

•Provides a central console to manage any number of iBypass devices

•Group devices by type, department, or other criteria

•User-friendly GUI interface

•View device and link status

•Configure iBypass

•Force Bypass mode On

•Customize Heartbeat packet

•Enable/disable iBypass ports

•Secured with password and isolated management port

•SNMP compatible

•Runs on any Windows XP, Windows 98, and Windows 2000 computer

Web Manager

Web Manager is a Web browser-based management console that enables remote management of Net Optics iTap‑enabled devices from anywhere in the world. Web Manger empowers you to configure devices or check their status whether you are in your office, at home, or on the ro ad. Besides convenience,remote management also helps reduce the time and cost spent walking, driving, or flying between buildings and locations to service devices.Simply type the IP address of the device into the address barof your favorite Web browser to connect to the device as if it was within arm’s reach.

Web Manager runs on all of the popular Web browsers including Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Pages are lightweight and load quickly, even over wireless connections.Simple forms make configuring devices easy, and reveal complete device status at a glance.

Each iTap‑enabled device holds the Web Manager page specific to its model type. Whether the task at hand is to check device status, disable a port, or change a connection, Web

Manager gets the job done in just a few quick mouse clicks.

•Graphical device management interface

•Embedded in the iBypass device

•User-friendly GUI interface

•View device and link status

•Configure iBypass

•Force Bypass mode On

•Customize Heartbeat packet

•Enable/disable iBypass ports

•Secured with password and isolated management port

•Access from any Web browser including Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer

Command Line Interface (CLI)

The command-line interface (CLI) will be familiar to any network administrator. Running over a remote SSH connection or a local RS-232 serial link, the CLI provides visibility and control of every aspect of configuration and operation.

•Text-based device management interface

•Embedded in the iBypass device

•Familiar switch-management CLI syntax

•View device and link status

•Configure iBypass

•Force Bypass mode On

•Customize Heartbeat packet

•Enable/disable iBypass ports


•Access with a terminal emulation software connected to iBypass RS232 serial port

Net Optics - manufacturer of iTap™ - 10/100/1000 - GigaBit Network Taps, 10/100 - GigaBit Aggregator Taps, TX-SX, LX-SX All Converter Taps, IPS & IDS Bypass Switches, Matrix Switches and Teeny Tap™.



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Net Optics intelligent 10/100/1000 Bypass (iBypass) Switch with Heartbeat introduces the industries first remotely accessible in-line security access device. IT security professionals can now monitor and configure traffic parameters being sent to their IPS devices, ensuring more efficient data capture. Bi-directional traffic utilization and peak indicators can now be viewed on-line or via front panel display to help identify possible network or application anomalies before there is a major outage. With available Net Optics management software, a comprehensive view of all intelligent devices and their operating status are accessible. 

Link Fault Protection

Exclusive Net Optics "Heartbeat and Link Fault Detect" features allow an iBypass Switch and IPS appliance to share state information. A configurable heartbeat packet sent from the iBypass Switch to the IPS helps identify link anomalies or device failures. In the event of a device failure, IPS redeployment or a software malfunction, traffic is routed from the in-line appliance using Fast PathTM switching technology through the iBypass Switch.

New Remote Management Capabilities

Net Optics Web Manager and System Manager offer two new levels of remote management capability depending on your IT needs. These new software based tools provide for easy to read security and performance information from either a single device or all of the Net Optics devices deployed in your network.

Web Manager

Net Optics Web Manager is the browser-based interface that allows you to change settings, view status, and retrieve data remotely with simple-to-use controls. When you access an iBypass Switch with Web Manager, all configuration, status, and traffic data are displayed on a single page. Changes to the configuration can be made with a few clicks of the mouse.

System Manager

Net Optics System Manager is a centralized management tool that can be configured to access all Net Optics intelligent devices in the network using SNMP. With System Manager, you can organize iBypass Switches into groups according to workgroup, location, or any other criteria. As with Web Manager, you can view all status, configuration, and traffic information and quickly make changes to any iBypass Switch in the system.

Cables Included!

Each 10/100/1000 iBypass Switch includes all the cables and power supplies necessary to connect to an IPS. Three quick steps are all it takes to establish a secure connection point for in-line devices. For special applications, the bypass trigger, heartbeat rate, and heartbeat packet can be customized from an RS232 command line interface.

Uninterrupted Traffic

The 10/100/1000 iBypass Switch supports fail-safe monitoring with any 10/100/1000BaseT in-line device when it shares the same power source as the in-line appliance. While the iBypass Switch is receiving power, it diverts network traffic to attached in-line devices. In this state, all in-line traffic is routed directly to the device connected to the Bypass Switch.

When the 10/100/1000 iBypass Switch loses power, in-line traffic continues to flow through the network link, but is no longer routed through the device. This allows the network devices to be removed and replaced without network downtime. Once power is restored to the iBypass Switch, network traffic is seamlessly diverted to the in-line device, allowing it to resume its critical functions.

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