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Gigamon GigaVUE Data Access - Aggregation, Filtering Switches

Gigamon, the leader in intelligent data access technology, has deployed thousands of GigaVUE Data Access Systems currently in use at over 400 telecom, industrial, manufacturing, financial, research, medical, retail, utility and government networks in over 40 countries worldwide. As the heart of a cost effective Data Access Network (DAN) solution, it streamlines the deployment and use of multiple network monitoring tools in data center networks. GigaVUE is a family of packet aware, data access solutions providing aggregation, replication and filtering of critical network traffic. GigaVUE enables full network visibility to all categories of passive monitoring tools. GigaVUE features 10G support, Fault Tolerant Taps, the ability to share SPAN Ports, Aggregate Links, Map Packets & remotely Manage Network Connections.

Below is an example diagram of the Gigamon GigaVUE-420 Data Access Switch used to create a Data Access Network connection from a live Production Network.


gigamon gigavue aggregation switch

Create an intelligent Data Access Network (DAN) with GigaVUE and security IDS, sniffers, protocol analyzers, VoIP analyzers, data recorders, application monitors, compliance monitors or any other Ethernet based passive monitoring tool.

  1. Filter Packets to relieve oversubscribed monitoring tools

  2. Increase Network Visibility by utilizing network tool aggregation

  3. Aggregate Multiple Links to consolidate tools

  4. Replicate to Multiple tools to share data sources

  5. Intelligently Filter and Divide Loads to customize and manage data to different tools

  6. Supports all Ethernet Media and speeds including 10 Gig

  7. Scalable Modular Design that allows graceful expansion

  8. Tap and SPAN Port contention is resolved immediately

  9. Reduce Packet Loss to improve monitoring fidelity

  10. Out-of-Band DAN allows 24 x 7 tool moves, adds and changes without affecting the network

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