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Metal Products

Wall Mount Bracket:

In many cases a 19 inch rack just doesn’t make since for your new install. Perhaps you are only installing one 24 port copper patch panel. In this case all you need is a wall mount bracket. The wall mount brackets are made of a heavy gage metal to make sure it holds up to the test of time. To take care of the different needs we offer 1U, 2U, and 4U size brackets. Each bracket comes with the hardware to install on the wall.

Cable Managment:

Cable management is a key component to any network install. Managing your cables correctly is essential for easy adds, changes, or moves and greatly improves the look of the data center, network closest, or workstation. To help with this problem TCS has 2 solutions. First, we offer a 1U plastic ring cable manager. This is a great light weight solution for when there is a low density of cables. Our second solution is a premium covered 1U finger duct solution(as seen in the picture to the right). The duct solution is designed for high density and covers up the cables for a professional look.

19 Inch Blanking Panels/ Blank Panel:

Another essential piece to a install are 19 inch blanking panels/ blank panels. These panels are made to be placed in a rack location that is currently empty. This helps keep the air flow going from the front of the rack to the back. Another benefit is that it makes a rack look more complete and clean. We have both 1U an 2U versions.


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