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Seamless Probe-Console Connectivity

Network Instruments offers a complete line of software and hardware probes for monitoring network activity across multiple topologies. Choose from a variety of probes to meet your specific needs. Use probes for troubleshooting, collecting NetFlow data, proactive monitoring, long-term data collection, or network forensics.

Probe Advantages

•Gain insight and visibility into the entire network

•Manage remote networks as easily as local

•Aggregate information across sites for global health

Topologies Supported



•Gigabit & 10 Gb

•Fibre Channel

•Wireless (802.11 a/b/g/n)

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Software Probe Technology

For companies that cannot invest in dedicated hardware probes, our software probes provide a low-cost monitoring option and are easy to install and configure. Software probes support Ethernet, Gigabit and wireless and are appropriate for analyzing speeds of up to 1000 Mbps or for low-utilization gigabit networks via a SPAN port on a switch. Three levels of software probes are available:

Advanced Single Probe
Provides decodes, real-time statistics, and long-term trending. Network data is encrypted before transfer to the console, and probe access is password protected.

Advanced Multi-Probe
Provides all the functionality of the Single Probe, plus the ability to set up and monitor multiple interfaces concurrently. Also allows multiple administrators access for real-time collaboration from any remote location, and supports the industry’s largest capture buffer.

Advanced Expert Probe
Includes all the functionality of the Multi-Probe, plus displays remote Expert Analysis in real time for faster troubleshooting. The Expert Probe conserves network bandwidth by analyzing all data locally and sending only results to the Observer console. This eliminates the need to transfer data packets over the wire.

Monitoring Fast Ethernet

Monitor Fast Ethernet and 10/100/1000 network links by deploying Ethernet probe appliances throughout the enterprise. Our Ethernet probe appliances provide real-time Expert processing, in-depth analytics, and extensive decodes. They also connect to the Observer Reporting Server for aggregate performance monitoring.

Choose the 10/100/1000 Probe for monitoring one or two links.
Choose the Multi-Port 10/100 Probe for four Fast Ethernet links.
Choose the 10/100 Full-Duplex Probe to help reduce dependence on a SPAN port.

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Full-Duplex, Line-Rate Gigabit and 10 Gb Monitoring

Without a doubt, Network Instruments excels in Gigabit and 10 Gb monitoring. First, our superior hardware technology—the internally designed Gen2 capture card—guarantees full-duplex, wire-speed monitoring and analysis. Next, our comprehensive software monitoring and analysis tools—real-time Expert, VoIP metrics, in-depth analytics, and aggregate performance monitoring—complete the picture. Choose from a wide selection of hardware appliances, portable options, and dedicated RNA devices.

Learn more about Gigabit / 10 Gb monitoring.

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Complete Inline WAN and OC Monitoring

WAN Probes monitor all header and payload data on serial and digital WAN links. Choose to monitor up to 16 links individually or in aggregate, obtain metrics in real time, and solve issues immediately with a comprehensive Expert system. Probes also display DCE/DTE traffic individually or in aggregate, shows CIR to compare with SLA, and tracks conversations through up to 10 segments or hops.

Learn more about WAN Monitoring.

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Fibre Channel Monitoring

Monitor your SAN environment as easily as Ethernet or WAN. Network Instruments supports Fibre Channel analysis with a complete line of probes. Decode Fibre Channel protocols, monitor over 30 Fibre Channel statistics, and receive Expert help on 20 SAN-specific issues. With Observer you can set thresholds on all Fibre Channel events, including session delays on arbitrated loop, audio/video, link data, avionics, virtual interface, and more.

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Retrospective Network Analysis (RNA) Appliances

Our RNA device, known as GigaStor, provides long-term packet capture and data-mining options for Gigabit, 10 Gb, WAN, OC, and Fibre Channel networks. GigaStor provides the much-needed capability of storing every packet and transaction traversing the wire and a unique interface for easily finding and isolating network problems.

Watch our short RNA video to learn more.

Visit our GigaStor page to review features and functionality as well as evaluate different GigaStor options.

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Network Instruments Management Server

For centralized probe management, consider the Network Instruments Management Server (NIMS). The NIMS solution eases time-consuming tasks like maintaining user names and passwords, setting access permission levels, and licensing tasks. Additionally NIMS tracks probe authentication, so you can control which groups are accessing which probe data and when. With NIMS it’s easy to define probe access and set security options by department or individual.

Learn more about Network Probe Management - NIMS.

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