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Simplify Probe Management

The Network Instruments Management Server (NIMS) simplifies probe administration, management, security, and maintenance for IT professionals tasked with maintaining multiple software probes and probe appliances across the enterprise.

From one central location, NIMS allows you to:

•Authenticate users for probe access

•Manage user passwords and permissions

•Ensure probe and software compliance

•Define probe rights by user, user group, or probe group

•Log probe access activity

•Share filters with Observer users

•License new probes automatically

•Efficiently administer upgrades

•Provide shared access to analysis tools



Centralized Rights Management

NIMS user group addresses a need for larger organizations to incorporate centralized rights management into their IT organizational framework. Rights management allows IT managers to control access to network and application data. This protects IT departments by ensuring data is visible only to authorized users.

With NIMS, IT managers do not have to recreate permission lists, but can instead grab that information from a local Windows system, Active Directory, or RADIUS server.

NIMS Centralized Rights Management can:

•Record access activity for periodic reviews

•Organize permissions by individual or department

•Block access after a predetermined number of unsuccessful logins

•Set alarms or e-mail notifications on failed logins

Security and Failover Protection

NIMS ensures secure NIMS-probe communication by encrypting all data sent across the network. Once probes are authenticated into NIMS, the connection is secured with a 128-bit shared key encryption.

NIMS also protects analysis tools against connection failures. With a redundant NIMS in place, real-time analysis and distributed visibility continues even if the primary NIMS becomes unavailable. With this option, console and probe communication is secure and uninterrupted.

Obtain Greater Flexibility with Centralized Licensing

NIMS Centralized Licensing provides flexibility in managing software upgrades. This is ideal for organizations with large-scale Observer deployments.

NIMS manages licensing changes and upgrades quickly and efficiently. Authorize Observer products to collectively or individually maintain product licensing. For example, you may choose to only upgrade consoles or probes or just focus on a specific section of the network.

NIMS also provides options should you elect not to upgrade or if you want to control the upgrade schedule. For example, with NIMS you can set all Observer software to remain at a certain version number or choose to upgrade minor releases only. With many options for NIMS license management, it’s easy to choose the right option for your organization.

Share Analysis Tools with NIMS

With NIMS it is easy to share filter libraries between probes and across the network with other Observer users. Upload or download filter lists to or from NIMS as often as necessary. Filters ensure only relevant data is displayed or collected, speeding troubleshooting and analysis.

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