NextGig Systems Adds Breakthrough Ethernet Testing from Xena Networks

Westlake Village, CA July 13, 2010 -- NextGig Systems, Inc. a provider of industry leading network connectivity, monitoring and test solutions, announces the signing of an exclusive representative agreement with Xena Networks ApS, a manufacturer of a new class of professional gigabit Ethernet test platforms for Ethernet ecosystems, delivering a breakthrough price performance benchmark for load stress and functional testing of Ethernet equipment and network infrastructure. The agreement enables NextGig Systems to bring the innovative XenaCompact and XenaBay Ethernet test products to NextGig Systems customers.

"Many of our customers are facing a high upgrade cost of their Ethernet test equipment," said Rob Esau, NextGig Systems's CEO. "Xena’s test platforms can result in the saving of tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. This will allow our customers to scale not only the capacity of their traffic generation and analysis, but also the number of sites equipped with test equipment, such as R&D labs, pre-deployment labs and application test sites."

NextGig Systems is dedicated to helping engineers accomplish their goals by providing them with the best of breed technology products, service and support. Providers of Ethernet based network devices and services can benefit from the ease-of-use, cost efficiency, interoperability, and scalability of the Xena Networks Ethernet test platform.

"We are thrilled to have NextGig Systems as an exclusive partner." said Jacob Nielsen, CEO of Xena Networks. "Today, we offer Ethernet test platforms from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps, and we soon will be launching 40 and 100 Gbps Ethernet testing. The team at NextGig has years of experience with protocol test equipment which is a great benefit to Xena and our customers."

Product Highlights

Ethernet Test Infrastructure
The Xena test platform provides an open environment where traffic from any 3rd party software application or test suite can be fully transparently mixed with L2-3 traffic generated at wire speed. A GUI client is provided for test execution, and remote management of test equipment located in multiple locations. In addition, an open TCP/IP based text API allows users to script and automate testing from any software, tool environment, and test location. The Xena Ethernet Test Infrastructure platform provides a complete suite of copper and optical Gigabit Ethernet and 10-Gigabit Ethernet modules. The 10-GigE interfaces include optical XFP, SFP+, and copper CX4. The GigE interfaces include copper 10/100/1000M Ethernet and optical 100/1000M Ethernet.

Stream Oriented Traffic Generation
Users can define and generate hundreds of transmit and receive streams with their own unique traffic profile. Each stream can generate 100k’s of unique traffic flows by using programmable packet field modifiers to increment or randomize field values such as IP addresses or VLAN identifiers, making it easy to scale your tests beyond the maximum performance parameters of your network or device. The stream rate can be defined as a percentage of line rate, frames per second, bit-rate, and the injection of packets can be controlled as a single-packet shot, number of packets, time duration, or in continuous mode. Traffic profiles can be defined as uniform or bursty, and custom packet editing is facilitated by a graphically driven field editor that allows the user to build any packet format, in addition to predefined packet templates for Ethernet, Ethernet II, VLAN, ARP, IPv4, IPv6, UDP, TCP, LLC, SNAP, GTP, ICMP, RTP, RTCP, STP, or fully specified by user.

Real time analysis and reporting
Packet flow statistics are tracked per stream, or per user defined filters which can include any combination of programmable field values. Incoming packet streams are automatically identified using optionally auto inserted Test Payload fields. Analysis of traffic throughput, latency, jitter, loss, sequence, and misorder errors is performed real-time per received stream with 16 ns resolution. Users can capture packets at wire speed on each port for detailed analysis, which in conjunction with event triggering and programmable filters provides a unique ability to identify and isolate performance issues.

API scripting from any tool environment
An open specification text based API allows the user to script for test automation purposes from any tool and scripting environment, only requiring that the scripting environment support text and line-based TCP/IP communication. Any changes made through the API are automatically reflected on the GUI. This unique and easy to use scripting-from-anywhere concept allows the user to access the Xena test platform from any proprietary or commercial scripting environment based on languages such as Tcl, Python, VBA, or Java development environments, using wrapper to convert from existing Tcl/Python/VB/Java APIs to the generic Xena API.

XenaCompact & XenaBay
Two chassis product series are available, the compact and transportable XenaCompact and the scalable high-density XenaBay series. The XenaCompact is a 1U chassis solution that provides a complete suite of copper and optical Gigabit Ethernet and 10-Gigabit Ethernet modules. The XenaBay is a modular 12-slot chassis solution providing industry leading density and lowest power consumption per test port, supporting 24x10 Gbps ports or 72x1 Gbps ports in a 4U form factor. The XenaBay Test Modules are identical to the test modules which are integrated into the XenaCompact series, so the feature set of the XenaBay series is identical to the XenaCompact series, except for the physical form factor and power consumption.

About Xena Networks Xena Networks ApS develops Ethernet test solutions that enable network and equipment test engineers to deploy Ethernet test infrastructure that is low cost, simple to manage and easy to scale. Xena is dedicated to the mission of delivering a new class of Ethernet test equipment, providing a better price performance point then any alternative in-house developed or existing commercial test solutions. Xena offers Ethernet test platforms with optical and electrical Ethernet interfaces from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps, and will soon be launching 40 and 100 Gbps Ethernet test ports at a very compelling price and performance point.

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