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You have heard of a LAN, WAN and even a SAN but have you heard of a DAN?

DAN - Data Access Network Presentation  Free - Overview
NextGig Systems offers a free overview presentation on the DAN. The DAN or Data Access Network is a newly emerging "best practice" for passive monitoring of mission critical networks that solves real access problems, improves network performance and uptime, and saves capital, operation and maintenance costs.

A DAN is a combination of out-of-band data access switching plus passive monitoring instrumentation to enable required security, compliance, forensics review, application performance, VoIP QoS, uptime and other network management tasks. Data is acquired from multiple SPAN ports or taps and multicast to multiple tools, aggregated to a few consolidated tools, and filtered or divided across many instances of the same tools.

The DAN may be thought of as a "data socket" providing immediate access for ad hoc tool deployment without impact to the production network and outside of the scope of configuration management policies. Gigamon data access switches accommodate the growing number of network monitoring and security tools.

This presentation will normally last between 15 to 30 minutes or more depending on the amount of questions and discussion raised by the attendees.



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