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Operational Intelligence For Your Entire Network

cPacket’s cVu Monitoring advanced packet broker nodes provide the monitoring layer within your Intelligent Monitoring Fabric. They provide advanced analytics and complete packet inspection across your entire network, give you proactive visibility using custom key performance indicator (KPI) metrics. Powered by our patented Algorithmic Fabric chip, cVu is able to deliver complete packet inspection at full line-rate. By the moving intelligence of your network monitoring closer to the wire, you are able to eliminate bottlenecks, dropped packets and increased latency.

cPacket cVu Nodes 1U Models:
cPacket Networks cVu 160NG Node - 16 x 10G/1G (1U)

cPacket Networks cVu 240NG Node - 24 x 10G/1G (1U)

cPacket Networks cVu 400NG Node - 24 x 10G/1G + 4 x 40G or 40 x 10G (1U)

cPacket Networks cVu 560NG Node - 24 x 10G/1G + 8 x 40G or 56 x 10G (1U)

cPacket cVu Nodes 2U Models:
cPacket Networks cVu 2440NG Node - 24 x 40G or 12 x 40G + 48 x 10G (2U)

cPacket Networks cVu 3240NG Node - 32 x 40G or 20 x 40G + 48 x 10G (2U)

cPacket Cx Nodes 3U Models:
cPacket Networks Cx 4100 Node - 4 x 100G (QSFP28) + 12 x 40G (QSFP) or 48 x 10G (breakout)

cPacket Networks Cx 8100 Node - 8 x 100G (QSFP28) + 24 x 40G (QSFP) or 96 x 10G (breakout)

cPacket Networks - Aggregation, Replication, Filtering & Monitoring Nodes